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04 October, 2006


As this seems to be a pretty slow week concerning PR-related current events, I will focus on résumés and cover letters; topics discussed at length by Karl Kandt, an assistant director from Career and Employment Services at Kansas State University

What really struck me about his presentation was about how as students in public relations, our résumés should have more punch and creativity than typical résumés. The design and layout of a résumé should serve as a platform from which to showcase your skills and attributes for potential employers.

Essentially, what a résumé boils down to is pure public relations. Showcasing oneself in the best possible light is something that public relations students should have down to a science. Using strategic word choice to highlight accomplishments and work history is something that a journalistic background will help with immensely. Knowing how to optimize interpersonal communication will be beneficial during a one-on-one interview.

As far as my own résumé goes, it needs some work to say the least. In the past, I have focused more on the content of my résumé than its appearance and functionality. Frankly, I didn’t really see the need to dress it up to much. I always felt that creativity should not be the first thing to be showcased in a business setting. Having learned the importance of a résumé’s aesthetic qualities, I think mine is definitely due for an overhaul. I may even crank up InDesign and get to that sometime this week.

As daunting and stressful a task as it may be to put together a résumé that works. I am guessing that the results of doing so are worth it. I’ll let you know in 10 years how it all worked out.


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