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21 September, 2006

Power of Printing

In a recent assignment for our PR Techniques class, we designed flyers and brochures for the Journalism Education Association (JEA.) During the process, we learned more about the ins and outs of Adobe Creative Suite, and just how stressful it can be. But one of the things I learned during this assignment that really surprised me was the power and effect that printers can have on the public relations industry.

I’ve worked at print shops in the past, so I guess I can say that I know the basic internal works of them. But this is really the first time that I’ve worked with one on the outside, as a perspective customer. Getting quotes for our pieces was much less stressful and time consuming as I thought it would be.

Two of the print shops I received quotes from, Kwik Kopy Printing (Lenexa, Kan.) and Hall Commercial Printing (Topeka, Kan.) had really unique systems. On their websites, you simply enter your information, give the details about the job, attach a document (PDF for example) and you’re good to go. I got quotes from each company in less than five hours (which is excellent time.)

In my opinion, quality printing can make you or break you in the PR world (or business world for that matter.) The finished product is really a reflection of you and your company, so it is important to do some research about the print shop. Ask to see some samples of work they’ve done; don’t just automatically go to the printer who gives you the lowest quote.

Also, if you’re having trouble in the design process of a piece, you can usually go to the printer for help. Many printers have a design team on board for situations just like that. Many times, they will help you out with the whole design process (though it may come at a price!)

Moral of the story is that commercial printers are there to work for YOU. They’re happy to give you a quote, even if you’re not planning on doing business with them right then. If there’s a chance of you going back there in the future, they will do what they can to help, even if it’s just with a PR Techniques project!


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