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13 September, 2006

Importance of PRessurization

Scheduling, time constraints, due dates and deadlines are all part of the life of a college student. Upon entering college, one unwittingly assumes the role of multi-tasker. Some curse this unwanted attribute, some wish they could be one and some can’t handle the pressure, and sadly succumb to its rigid parameters.

I learned to embrace it.

After three years as a public relations and journalism student, I have learned the stressed importance of deadlines and the necessity of meeting them. Living in a pressurized box of stress has become almost a second home to me. Let me explain.

I have learned that in public relations, you almost never work on your own terms. You work when, where and how it is best for your company, your client or your public. As unbendingly rigid as it seems, you must learn to be flexible. This makes for some sense of equilibrium in it all. One of the most important things I have learned so far about public relations is that it is extremely important to be flexible; because it helps you juggle many tasks at a time and allows you to be able to prioritize.

Some students, when asked to do a seemingly absurd amount of things in a small amount of time will snap under the pressure. Many more will handle the situation, and are able to plan and prioritize wisely. But a select few almost enjoy it, looking at it as a test, feeding off of the late night adrenaline rush and coffee buzz. These are the ones who know why it is important to be able to handle pressure situations so smoothly that it seems like you never did anything at all.

For me, the key so far in public relations has been all about taking the pressure, deadlines and stress, and looking at them as challenge, instead of an oncoming bulldozer. Besides, you can't spell 'pressure' without 'PR.'


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